We are a non-profit organization that contributes to more equal opportunities through our own projects.


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Refugees often don’t have an easy time in a new city. So it’s good to have someone by your side who knows their way around. This person is called a “mentor” or “godparent”. The relationship is called “mentoring” or “sponsorship”.

In a mentorship, the mentor helps you fill out forms, apply for jobs, learn German or do other things. You meet regularly for about half a year. The mentorship project of our association “bee4change” is called “beeMentor”.

But what actually is an organisation? An organisation can be many things! There are football clubs, book clubs and organisations like ours: social or “non-profit” organisations. People with the same interests meet in an organisation. Or with a common vision.

Our vision is a just world in which people have equal opportunities. Our interest is therefore to help refugees who need support.

Our organisation has a project called “beeMentor”. In this project, we find mentors for refugee families or individuals and they support them during the mentorship. If a person is interested in becoming a mentor, they contact us. We then establish contact with the accommodation and make contact with the refugee families. During the course of the mentorship, we are always in contact with the mentors and ask how the mentorship is going. The mentors can always get in touch with us if they have any questions and we try to help.

We also have a list of organisations that can help with many issues.

Our mentors do not get paid for their work. This work is called “voluntary work”. The mentors do it because they want to do something good for people who need support in Hamburg.

In addition to the mentorships, many sponsors have a job or are studying. This also means that mentors are not experts for all the questions you have. Mentors are not supposed to take over your tasks. They should be with you and support you in your tasks. The goal is that you will eventually be able to do the tasks on your own.


A mentorship is a very personal relationship. As in any relationship, conflicts can arise in a mentorship. It is best to address problems directly and openly. If this is not possible, contact us or the “Independent Counselling Centre for Mentoring Projects”. We will talk to you and try to find a solution.

Very important: Even if the mentor does something for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t say “no” if you don’t like something.

Project Manager

Sina El Basiouni

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to text or call me!

Promoting social justice​

Our reasons for our commitment are very diverse. For us, the focus is on equal opportunities and equal chances for all people. We stand up against discrimination and for the inviolability of human dignity.

Unsere Vision ist eine chancengleiche und chancengerechte Welt

bee4change wurde im Frühjahr 2015 von einer Gruppe von Student*innen in Hamburg gegründet, um neben Studium, Arbeit und Freizeit eigens konzipierte Projekte zu initiieren und damit einen persönlichen Beitrag zur Weiterentwicklung der Gesellschaft zu leisten.