We are a non-profit organization that contributes to more equal opportunities through our own projects.


Children with a refugee or migrant background often still have difficulties with reading.

Since last year, we have resumed our reading circle, which has been on a break since the start of the pandemic.

To this end, we have entered into a co-operation with the Barmbek library, which provides us with a room in the children’s library and supports us in reaching out to parents and children. Our mentor then regularly read to a group of children and encouraged them to read for themselves, thereby strengthening their reading skills.

We have since extended the project to the neighbourhood libraries in Billstedt and Steilshoop. In Barmbek, there is now a rotation of volunteers and, due to the high demand, a second weekly reading circle is expected soon.

“The kids were so cheerful and open-minded today, it was really nice. You can really tell that they feel comfortable and are now also connecting with each other.”

Anna – Mentor in the Billstedt reading circle

The reading circle is so valuable to us in many ways – by working together with the neighbourhood libraries, we not only strengthen the visibility of the organisation, but also our reach among the families we want to support with our offers. For the volunteers, the reading circle offers an opportunity for structured and predictable volunteer work. This has enabled us to attract many committed people to our reading circle.

Our projects are designed to help make opportunities more equal and distribute them more fairly.

Promoting social justice​

Our reasons for our commitment are very diverse. For us, the focus is on equal opportunities and equal chances for all people. We stand up against discrimination and for the inviolability of human dignity.

Unsere Vision ist eine chancengleiche und chancengerechte Welt

bee4change wurde im Frühjahr 2015 von einer Gruppe von Student*innen in Hamburg gegründet, um neben Studium, Arbeit und Freizeit eigens konzipierte Projekte zu initiieren und damit einen persönlichen Beitrag zur Weiterentwicklung der Gesellschaft zu leisten.